PuffyPaws Draft Horse

It’s our 7′ tall, inflatable Belgian Draft Horse! This is one strong horse, built big and tough, just like the real thing! Pre-orders are open now, just fill out the form below!

The awesome Draft Horse inflatable design includes:
– Our super strong seam construction
– Our super soft and shiny vinyl (the same used on our Zenith, Husky and Standing Fox toys)
– #3 valves on body, tail and leg chambers, #2 valves on the mane

Pre-orders are open now and will close on Monday, November 20th. The cost will be $425 per item. Click the link below to see the completed (gen. 1) toy! (Please note that we will be relocating the belly valve to the rump. We are making a new gen. 2 prototype, and will replace these pictures with the new toy once available.)

Here are the specifications:

  • 7’/213cm tall
  • 1 chamber for the body (#3 valve), 1 chamber for each leg (#3 valve), 1 chamber for the tail (#3 valve) and 1 chamber for the mane (#2 valve)
  • 0.4mm vinyl (same as all our zenith, husky & fox)
  • Overlapping seams for strength
  • $425 + shipping/handling

Pre-ordering is simple! Just fill out the pre-order form with your contact information, number of items desired and the payment method you desire. When complete, please submit this form and we’ll contact you in regards to the official payment details. We don’t expect payment until we process your pre-order request, so please DO NOT make payments until we contact you with the full price.

Pre-orders will close on November 20! After this time, it will take about 4-5 months for these inflatables to arrive in the US. So, if your order right away, expect to wait about 7-8 months (about 3 month for pre-orders to close, 2-3 months for assembly and 1-2 months for delivery)! We know that seems like a long time, but it’s the nature of pre-ordering! We will be posting project status updates on our twitter @puffypawstoys. Just a reminder, we ship ALL around the world, but only accept international payment though PayPal.