PuffyPaws Snow Leopard

Now available – Preorder today!

It’s our 7′ long, inflatable Snow Leopard! Just like real Snow Leopards, this cute fellow is really playful and has lots of fun secrets to discover! Pre-orders are open now, just fill out the form below!

The extremely cute Snow Leopard inflatable design includes:

  • Our super strong seam construction
  • Our super soft and shiny vinyl (the same used on our Zenith, Husky and Standing fox toys)
  • Chambered tail, so you can wrap it all around ya (it’s a big snow leopard tail!)
  • #3 valves on all of the chambers (legs, tail and body)

Here are the specifications:

  • 7’/213cm long
  • 1 chamber for the body (#3 valve), 1 chamber for each leg (#3 valve) and 1 chamber for the tail (#3 valve, near tip of the tail)
  • 0.4mm vinyl (same as all our zenith, husky & fox)
  • Overlapping seams for strength
  • $385 + shipping/handling