PuffyPaws Snow Leopard

It’s our 7′ long, inflatable Snow Leopard! Just like real Snow Leopards, this cute fellow is really playful and has lots of fun secrets to discover!

The extremely cute Snow Leopard inflatable design includes:

  • Our super strong seam construction
  • Our super soft and shiny vinyl (the same used on our Zenith, Husky and Standing fox toys)
  • Chambered tail, so you can wrap it all around ya (it’s a big snow leopard tail!)
  • #3 valves on all of the chambers (legs, tail and body)

Here are the specifications:

  • 7’/213cm long
  • 1 chamber for the body (#3 valve), 1 chamber for each leg (#3 valve) and 1 chamber for the tail (#3 valve, near tip of the tail)
  • 0.4mm vinyl (same as all our zenith, husky & fox)
  • Overlapping seams for strength