PuffyPaws Wolf Shipping Info

Dear Customers,

As you know, these are challenging times for everyone and we are no exception to this.  Unfortunately, we had a ‘perfect storm’ of issues on this project that contributed to the V3 Wolves being delayed from what we had wished to deliver to you.  Factors for this are:

  • Our manufacturer decided to switch factories in the summer of 2019.  This was after we collected money for the project and we had no knowledge they would do this.  The move created delays as they had to ramp up the new factory and then our wolves we were placed behind larger customer’s orders.
  • As a result of the factory move, we could not get them out before Chinese New Year when the country closes down, further delaying them a month.
  • During the New Year Celebration, the spread of COVID-19 went all over China, shutting it down longer.
  • In March of 2020, the United States also shut down, putting all business on hold.
  • As of today, COVID-19 is an issue still in the way of normal business.  The USA and China are in a strained relationship, causing air shipping to be limited, unpredictable and much more expensive than originally quoted.
  • We chose last month to put most of the Wolves on a container ship to get them out of China.  We could only get a couple out a day via air shipping at most if we were lucky and we had fears that China will once again close their borders due to virus 2nd wave concerns.  We hope to see them arrive late July to early August and we will ship as fast as we can when they come in.

By now, we are all aware of the problems COVID-19 has caused for people everywhere.  For us, we found out that due to the virus, our representatives in charge of quality control were not able to be in China to observe the manufacture of our wolf toys.  As a result of this, we have seen a few went out with small paint and build issues we are not happy with.  We do not think it effected the whole run, but we do think some may have small issues with them.  As of today, we have had 8 reported issues out of the hundred or so we have shipped out.

Since we are committed to customer satisfaction with our toys, we suggest a couple solutions for our Wolf V3 customers going forward.

  1. Accept a Wolf from the First Run:  We do have the wolves built and most of them are on a ship to us right now (with a few left at the factory for air shipping when we can get them out).  When they arrive here in late July to early August we will ship them out as fast as we can.  We are SURE we can ship them faster from the US than China.  You will probably get your toy in August.  If you get one of our “problem children” we are offering a $50 or $100 refund on the toy; depending on the imperfections.  Although, please keep in mind these are all hand built and will never be “perfect.”  However, the little things make yours unique!

** If we do not hear from you, we will assume you want it sooner and you will get one of the 1st run toys.

  1. Wait for a 2nd Run:  We are also asking the factory to remake some wolves at our expense.  If you don’t want to take a chance on the first run and don’t mind waiting longer, these will be made in 2 months and most likely be put on a ship to us to avoid the China air shipping issues (which adds another month and a half in shipping).  Most likely you would get your toy November or so.

Please decide which way you would like to go with your toy order and let us know.  If you select getting it sooner with the original run, please know yours might be effected and, if so, be ok with a discount as we won’t switch those out if there is an appearance issue.

As always, we do thank you for your support and understanding during these difficult times.  We are doing our best to get you your toys as quickly as possible and keep you happy!

~ Team PuffyPaws