PuffyPaws Update (January 2021)

Hello PuffyPaws fans!

This is an update on our PuffyPaws Sea Dragon© project as well as the sale of extra PuffyPaws Wolves©. Originally our plan was to show the new PuffyPaws Sea Dragon© prototype earlier this month and close sales by the end of this month. However, the prototype process has taken longer than we anticipated. They sent us few iterations of the prototype with improvements on each. Our new factory is learning very fast and turn around is improving, even with the global pandemic impacting dates everywhere. We’re pretty confident that we’re working on the final version of the prototype right now and expect to have the new prototype to show to you in early February. After showing you the prototype, we want you to have time to order and we need time to collect funds and close the project, which we plan to do by the end of February.

Now, we originally said we will have some extra PuffyPaws Wolves© for sale in February. However, we want the PuffyPaws Sea Dragon© project to be closed before we move on to selling any extra PuffyPaws Wolves©, so now we plan on having an announcement in March for the sale of those extras.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

So as of now, the sale of the PuffyPaws Sea Dragon© will continue until the end of February and you will have until then to pay for the toy. If not paid, your order will cancel. Announcements on how to purchase any extra PuffyPaws Wolves© will be in early March. Thank you for your understanding, patience and business!

~ Puffy